Out of the darkness

Ever feel like the world is out to get you? Or just a few people? Ever feel like there are those who want to see you fall? Be it jealousy, something about your… Continue reading

On depression

All my life there has been a looming darkness of terrifying fear and panic. It haunted my dreams since infant hood. It visited me in a reoccurring dream. The scenery would change but… Continue reading

fear and faith vs. fluidity

 Fear and faith go hand in hand and I know them all too well.  They are both founded in the hope of a future outcome or the avoidance of another.  Whether it… Continue reading

And so she wrote

She sat alone outside smoking another cigarette. Heavy hearted, her emotions were no longer containable. She cried and with her tears came sweet and heavy relief as unanswered questions filled her mind. It… Continue reading

There’s something to be found here

I woke up abruptly at 3:00 a.m. to the sound of a violent storm passing thru my cities. It feels like waking up to a gift. All of last nights sadness is washed… Continue reading

A New Chapter

  I am a writer who hardly writes.  It is time to jump in with all my flaws and hone this passion.  I have chosen this blog as my outlet.  I’d like to… Continue reading

The Dancer

I watched the wind violently blow this shell back and forth. I held my camera steady, waiting for stillness and became captured by this seed effortlessly holding on as she spun in the… Continue reading